Thursday, March 29, 2007

Wax on - Wax off. I have been painting this week and since our new clinic is located in the center of a Wellness Center there is some very meditative music playing in the background and we are very quiet, because there are massages going on down the hall. I feel like the guy in the movie The Karate Kid when Mr. Miyagi has him waxing the fence. It is quiet and it is just me and the paint brush and the soft music. It has really felt good to do something very physical this past few days. I am going to be disappointed when I finish and can't do that level of activity every day. Although I do have a very large townhouse that needs paint everywhere, so there is a chance if I can find time, I can paint that too! There is something so satisfying about a job well done, and painting gives that satisfaction.
The clinic is coming along very well. I am working to decorate it in a Feng Shui manner to accentuate the natural healing and acupuncture that will be going on there. I am hoping that both Frank and I will enjoy this new venture. We generally work well together, but we are both very strong willed people, so there are those moments of silent heated arguments behind closed doors when we come to an impasse. If anyone could see behind those doors, they would see two people with bulging eyes and pantomime moves that look like a cross between Harpo Marx and The Three Stooges (except it is usually me that does the eye poking - just kidding!). We usually manage to get our differences mediated and the solution is usually something better than either of us could have thought of on our own, so it is all good.