Friday, January 19, 2007

I'm heading to Tucson for a week - accompanying my husband Frank as he starts his fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil. I am very excited for him. This is a whole new direction he is taking in his medical career. He just finished a course in Medical Acupuncture. I have actually taken a few treatments from him and I am totally afraid of needles. I have to say, it didn't hurt and the pain went away in my neck and upper back as a result. I had to be one of his worst patients. I kept shrieking "Don't puncture my lungs!" and "Don't hit my spinal cord!". I could tell he was chuckling to himself as he reassured me that he wouldn't be going anywhere near that deep, and the needles weren't that long. I have to say those needles are so thin, I didn't feel much at all when they went in, and after they were in, I didn't feel them at all. He hooked little boxes powered by batteries to the needles and I felt a little bit of thumping in my muscles. Again, nothing uncomfortable.

When he finished the neck and upper back treatment, I sat up to switch positions for a kidney tonification that he wanted to do to increase my overall energy level. I wasn't sold on getting another whole treatment, but I am really glad I did. I felt an overall increase in energy and feelings of well being for weeks after that. I am actually going to take one of those again soon.

I don't know if I can completely credit the acupuncture, but for the first time in my life I have gotten a regular exercise program going and am losing weight that I have been struggling to lose for years. Maybe it is because I feel a lot better and the muscles don't ache. Whatever has brought me to this point, I am rejoicing.

Tucson isn't as warm as I would wish right now, but I am going to enjoy 60 something compared to 20 something. And when we get back, we are home for a few days and then off to Disney World for a week. Most of the kids and grandkids are coming. It will be a blast, no doubt about it. I'm a little sad that my birthson Jon, his wife Brook, and daughter (my adorable granddaughter) Nadija can't come this time. They are just going to start shooting Brook's movie Juno, and I am so excited for both of them. These are exciting times in their lives. Disney World can wait. We'll do it sometime soon. In the meantime, these are very good times for all of us.