Sunday, June 11, 2006

Things seem to be going well in the reunion with my birth son. He is such a joy in my life. I find myself to be a bit obsessed with catching up with him and learning all I can about him. There should be a time when something like this happens when the two people most affected would be able to get away together to a place of comfort and quiet, so they can talk for hours and just enjoy each other's company.

I find myself looking at his pictures several times a week, and then just pinching myself when I realize that I finally know who he is, where he lives, and all sorts of details about him. I have heard his music (which I absolutely love) and I have read his writing. We both have a love for the written word which makes communication back and forth absolutely spectacular.

We have had one get-together at this point when we invited members of my family to come and meet him. It was a potluck. We all made something to share, and the food was so good! The party was easy-going and everyone seemed to have a great time. The absolute best part of the day was finally meeting Nadija, my granddaughter. She is a beautiful brown-eyed girl, with long dark brown hair. She was in my dreams as the absolute perfection that she is, before I ever met her. I always told my daughter Charisse that I wished to have a brown eyed grandchild. I told her that in jest, but in my heart, I have always wished to gaze into those brown eyes, and now I have. People tell me she looks very much like I did as a child, and let me tell you that warms my heart too. I feel so related to both Jon and Nadija, just naturally. It is a feeling that comes from a soul level. I am now truly complete, and it is a marvelous feeling!